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Climbing to the top of the Mendips


Earlier on, I was at the top of the Mendips for the 2nd time – this time with my daughter (I was on my own last time in Feb 2007 when this picture was taken).  Sadly the weather did little to add to the occasion – as seems to be happening to our walks all too often at the moment.  Let’s just say by the time we reached Beacon Batch we were in a howling gale, driving drizzle, and my phone was wrapped in a plastic bag.  I thought it best not to attempt a Foursquare check-in or a “tweet from the top” as I generally like to do! So I’m left with this screen shot off my phone after we got back to the car as a momento.


We were parked to the right of “Mendip Lodge Wood”, at the car park next to the Burrington Inn.  We did the route clockwise.  The trail going off the left of the screen is the “long” route that we’d hoped to do, but we decided to abort half-way due to the conditions.

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